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beauty industry trends

Beauty Industry Trends

These are not 3 predictions, these trends are happening now!

Beauty Industry Trends #1

Hairdressers, Colorists, Massage Therapist, Facialists, Manicurist and Waxers are becoming mobile or renting their own private Salon Suite. Whether in the city or suburbs, clients want services now, whenever they want and they want their services to be convenient. “Service-givers” are responding to clients wants by becoming mobile (outside of the salon environment) or working in a myriad of suite locations so that they can avoid having to abide by spa or barber shop’s set regular hours. By cutting out the salon’s “cut,” service-givers are also making more money than ever!

Phenix salon Suites
Loxa Beauty

If you’re a waxer, massage therapist, stylist, facialist, colorist or do hair replacement, I highly suggest you check out these salon suite companies. I have found all of them reputable and they empower you, as a business, to make more money while keeping your clients happy. I am a recent Phenix Salon Suites team member. But I checked out all of these suites and chose Phenix only because they have the exact location I wanted to do business in. I suggest you check out each company and see which has the location you want to work.

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I’ve made it easy for you to find out more about Salon Suites:

Beauty Industry Trends #2

Clients have been buying their product online for years instead of buying them in the barber shop or spa. This is costing owner millions and stylists/facialists are losing big commissions. But now there are companies like which allows salons and individual stylists or mobile facialists to be able to “carry a huge virtual inventory” which satisfies their client’s needs while still receiving commissions. LoxaBeauty is made for salon and stylist and I am a user and my clients love ordering “through me,” guilt-free; and they appreciate that I can recommend products and the free shipping over $50.

Beauty Industry Trends #3

App booking is Beauty Industry Trends number 3. I did not say online booking. I said App Booking and that is how clients want to book their appointments. As of 2017, I have cut out the Booking Apps that I recommend and I will update you for the new Beauty Industry Trends for 2017 Blog upcoming.


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