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The 3 Things you need to do to be a Successful Salon or Spa Owner

I work in an industry of artists and in a world where, if an artist works very very hard, and they want to, sometimes they can become successful business owners. If you are already a salon owner, or you’re a hairstylist, colorist, makeup artist, barber, massage therapist, esthetician or nail artist who, someday, might think of becoming self-employed or an owner with employees or sub-contractors please read the 3 things you must do to create a successful salon or spa business.

Number  1 – you need a Business Plan. The reason you need a business plan is to be able to clearly understand what you are undertaking.  You’ll have to answer important questions and put your answers down on paper. For anyone entering or thinking about being business owner, a business plan will help you map out how much investment in time and money you will need to succeed as well as plan for slow times. You’ll also have to look at how are you going to market yourself and how much time you need to put into doing your weekly receipts, marketing, ordering and more.

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For those of you who already own a salons or spas or barber shops, I want you to consider making a new business plan. Don’t look at your old one, until you write an entirely new one. The reason you want to do this is to make clear what you are doing, find out what you may be doing wrong, and then this will give you some insights into how to fix them. Writing a business plan helps clear your mind when you are the only one doing your marketing, payroll, ordering and management.

You might come up with some very good problem solving answers to some business stress that you may be having. You might decide to hire a manager because that’s not your strength as an owner. Or, you might give up doing hair or being an esthetician so you can do the business part of running your salon full time.  Your numbers and your business plan will lead to make better decisions and changes that might make running your own business easier and give you more time and bring you more money and time

Owning your own business is not just about the services you and customer service and a business plan will illuminate that. You may even decide you don’t want to own your business once you write a business plan, and that’s okay! There are many business plan templates available online and feel free to tell me which ones you like in the comment section. After you finish with your business plan, you’re also going have to do the second thing on my list of 3 things you must do to create a successful salon or spa business.

Number 2 – You have to create separate calendars. One for your money goals so you can set up goals based on how much money you need to break even, as well as how much profit you want to make. A calendar like this will help you see clearly how many tasks and hours you have to put in to achieve those money goals. You also need a marketing and promotional calendar which will tell you what you will be posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, year round, and help you think ahead for your business so you don’t have slow times. Promotion calendars make you plan for your seasonal specials. I would also suggest that you need a third calendar so you can add your vacation block out dates and your time for holidays off as well. If you’re a business owner, you need to be able to take time off to relax and not be an owner. Believe me; you need to be away from your business sometimes so you can come back fresh and energized.  Allot time for continued education in management, social media and marketing time which leads me to number 3.

The number 3 thing you need do to create a successful salon or spa business is to keep educating yourself. Update you management skills. Constantly keep up-to-date on your marketing and social media skills. Set aside time every week and every month to see what’s new with the Instagram social media platform or how to make better emails so when you send them you get a better open rate each time you send an email blast to your customers. Take classes on how to make your employees happy and how to attract new employees. This is very important. Remember, we are artists who may become owners. We have got to continually learn what every other business owners in every other industry have to learn and stay up-to-date on. We are business owners. We are not just salon or spa owners. We are business owners.

Part of number 3 is that you’ve got to open up your mind about what you think you know about business and be willing to change your mind. There are other owners of businesses out there, like yours, who set out with a vision, a good business plan, and then had to make major changes and shifts in the way they do things. Things change. The economy changes.  Social media changes.  And old ways of getting new clients such as recommend a friend programs, retailing and giving new customers discounts don’t work the way they used to. Today’s customer behaviors are different from the previous decades. So are today’s staff members.

So, make a Business Plan, whether you already own you own salon or spa or not. And create your goal calendar, your promotion calendar and your personal time and education calendar. And, lastly, keep an open mind and keep educating yourself.

So that’s it. The 3 things you must do to manifest a successful Salon or Spa Business. It sounds so simple, but once you begin, you’ll find you’ll have to learn a lot more than just being a great stylist or makeup artist and then owner you own business. I hope this help you on your road to becoming a successful business owner.

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Jon-David, aka Mafia Hairdresser. I’m a part time hairdresser, a salon owner and the other half of my time is devoted to helping salons and spas, owners and all beauty service providers by giving you free social media, marketing, management, and wellbeing and success tips. In this new digital age where if you are not visible online you are invisible to potential customers, I know that your business can not only survive but thrive if you keep learning.  Through SalonSpaChat shows, both live (see above video) and recorded episodes and highlights on YouTube, I can give you up-to-date tips that not only come from me and my continual research, but the top salon and spa experts and consultants from around the world. With SalonSpaChat I’ll introduce you to specialists and authorities who specialize in a diverse number of subjects from different industries as well.  Click Here to subscribe to our YouTube Playlist to stay up-to-date with marketing, social media, management and more!

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