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Success Tips for Salons

Some barber shop or spa owners may not have taken formal education or college courses on running a small business or marketing. In fact, once a brick and mortar establishment is open, many times, the owner spends most of his time behind the chair or in the facial room doing what they do best. This takes away from being a good salon owner.


Success Tips for Salons #1: Get Educated and become a Leader.

The more you read about corporate culture and how to use Quick Books as well as all the finer details about running your business, the more you set yourself apart from your peers. This is a good thing and should not be taken as ego. Your business needs a leader and an educated leader has a better chance of success.

Success Tip #2: Once you have opened your salon or barber shop, get involved in your community.

I DO NOT MEAN TO DONATE YOUR STAFF’S HAIR AND MAKEUP SERVICES for every charity. I mean: get involved in neighborhood watch programs or feed-the-homeless programs. You should have something bigger than yourself or your salon to talk about, both on your website blogs and to your staff and clients. OH: and you’ll meet a lot of people in which you will have plenty of opportunity to invite into your salon.

Vantage Points

Success Tip #3: Have weekly meetings.

YES! WEEKLY! I am always amazed at salon owners who are so considerate of their staff’s “time off.” Think about this: you run your salon, you work behind the chair, and then, in your spare time, you have to do payroll or organize your barber shop holiday party. BUT does your staff ever post their co-workers spa specials on their own Facebook wall while they “play on Facebook,” hours at a time, in your employee room?

Weekly meeting are where your senior stylist can give their valuable time-tested tips and suggestions. You have brilliant senior staff members and top seller/performers: have them share their wisdom, they want to help! Staff get used to meeting, especially when they can see they make more money from more learning and sharing.

Meetings: Support staff can also give their valuable in-sights on what makes clients happy because clients tell assistants things they don’t tell their stylists.

Stylists and regularly meet together educate each other. This creates a creative culture, one where you will begin to see who needs to go to more outside academy classes.

Success Tip #4: ALL businesses need to create a business culture, including salons & spas.

If you have stepped up and decided to become the leader in your business, I will assume you’ve been conversing with other successful businesses. I will assume you are reading or taking classes. I will assume you’re going to business classes offered either at trade shows or by your distributors. I will assume that you have polled your employees to get valuable Intel on the things that you may not know or did not think of concerning the betterment of your salon.

By stepping up to become a leader and continue your learning, as well as listening to your staff with weekly meetings will create a creative business culture.

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