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the astrologer and the hairdresser

I am part of the team: The Hairdresser and the Astrologer

The Story of the Hairdresser and the Astrologer: I’ve known famous astrologer, and author, Sylvia Friedman, for over 22 years. Her daughter, Alissa came to me for her hair and then recommended her mother, Sylvia to come in for her hair as well. I fell in love and was adopted by the Friedman family immediately. Even though Sylvia’s book, The Stars in Your Family, was a runaway best seller, and Sylvia was on Oprah and every network on TV, it took me about 5 year until I even spoke to her about astrology.


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I don’t know why it took me so long to go to Sylvia to get my yearly Astrology forecast done. It was the mid 90s and, just before 1997, I was going to produce and direct my first play. It was a risky venture and I didn’t tell anyone before I began production. But all the friends I has sent to Sylvia for coaching had prospered in business, so I thought I’d try her out, professionally.


My first Astrology Coaching session with Sylvia wasn’t magic and it was not like my fortune was being told. But I’ll never forget when I first sat down in her office and she said, “Well, Jon-David, it looks like that you are going to start a brand new artistic endeavor.”  My jaw must have hit the ground because I told no one about producing my play, Success in Numbers.


Sylvia Friedman and Jon-David

On that first professional visit with Sylvia Friedman, she gave me specific tips and advice on what each month of the coming year  could bring to me. She told me personality influences that would affect me such as being not as clear at signing documents or figures in a particular month and being open to a love relationship in the next month. I wrote each tip down on a calendar and, gosh, it pretty much turned out that all that advice helped me stay grounded throughout the production of my play and I made a profit.

Astrology and the Hairdresser

I have sent all of my clients to Sylvia and as many of my friends as will listen to me. I have two millionaire friends who would swear that it was because of Sylvia’s advice that they have done so well in finance. Sylvia’s yearly chart is so valuable to me that I would never miss going every October. You can call or Skype her if you can’t meet her in-person. The yearly chart reading is for anyone who wants to stay grounded in business, love or life.

sylvia friedman
I am now so proficient at Astrology for myself that I can tell what most of my client’s astrology sign is by looking at them and after a few spoken word by them. I use it to help me understand what my clients are saying to me because every sign has a different way of communicating and reality: “Grounded” = Earth Signs “From the Head” = Air Signs  “From the Heart” = Water Signs  “From the Gut” = Fire Signs. (My words. Not Sylvia’s!) Click Here to see what your sign is.
If you don’t know who I am, my name is Jon-David, aka Mafia Hairdresser. I’m a part time hairdresser, a salon owner and the other half of my time is devoted to helping salons and spas, owners and all beauty service providers by giving you free social media, marketing, management, and wellbeing and success tips. In this new digital age where if you are not visible online you are invisible to potential customers, I know that your business can not only survive but thrive if you keep learning.  Through SalonSpaChat shows, both live (see above video) and recorded episodes and highlights on YouTube, I can give you up-to-date tips that not only come from me and my continual research, but the top salon and spa experts and consultants from around the world. With SalonSpaChat I’ll introduce you to specialists and authorities who specialize in a diverse number of subjects from different industries as well.  Click Here to subscribe to our YouTube Playlist to stay up-to-date with marketing, social media, management and more!
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