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Become a Ninja with Twitter: Update your Profile Bio

Salon, spa and barber professionals, do you want to become a Ninja? Do you want to cut through the fog of confusion and perplexity that clouds your vision and understanding of how Twitter can attract more clients? Allow me to be your sai (spear-sward) and I’ll help you to connect to more clients, and knowledgeable professionals such as yourself.

The most important part of your profile is your bio and that is limited to 140 characters, just like tweets. Like all things internet, you only have 2 to 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention. Of course, your avatar better represent you well, but your bios have to tell it like you want it.

Please look at these real bios that I used my  Ninja talents on: (I changed the names of randomly picked 7 in a row Twitter Users off a list from a friends’ Twitter follow list.)

His: “Chris is a third generation member of the Professional Salon Industry. Distributor, PM School Owner, Salon Coach, Husband, Dad and Grandpa.”

Ninja-Fix: “Chris*Third Generation Salon Industry Professional*Distributor*Owner-Paul Mitchel School*Salon Coach*Proud Grandpa

Hers: “A beauty website by Lorelei Benton. Love all things beauty and work as a Social Media Manager for a British beauty brand… LOVE my job!”

Ninja-Fix: “Lorelei Benton Beauty. Beauty Junkie. Social Media Manager for British Beauty Brand. I heart my job!

His: “State-of-the-Art Cosmetology School, Full-service Salon and Retail Location. From the owner of JOJO studio and original hairstylist of TLC’s What Not to Wear”

This one was hard for me because I don’t know what he had to tell me. Is he a hairdresser now? Or an owner of a school or a salon? I would suggest that he use this tag: “You’ve seen my work on ‘What Not to Wear’ on TLC” and then drop State of the Art, and Full-Service and Retail Location. If he owned a school, he should state the name of the school. If he works or owns the salon, he should use a quote someone has yelped about his salon or a nice tag line such as, “Known as the Salon to the Stars.”

Hers: “Entrepreneur @MediaTLT | Dance Mom | Wine enthusiast | Always planning my next meal & my next vacation!”

I liked this one. She gives her professional Twitter handle, which is different from the one she’s describing.  She breaks her words creatively with bars. I would just capitalize enthusiast and take out the second “my next.” Cheeky is good. Don’t be afraid to get a little edgy if you actually are.

[Get rid of extraneous words like and, in, a, the, because they waste space.]

Hers: “International Make-up Artist Working in London, NYC.Beauty Blogger on Tumblr’s Beauty Spotlight!Beauty Editor.Best Beauty Twitter of the year-Marie Claire  GOOD!”

Ninja-Fix: “International Make-Up Artist based in London & NYC ~Beauty Blogger/Tumblr Beauty Spotlight/Editor~Best Beauty Twitter 2011/Marie Claire

Hers: “Fabulous Hair Artist To The Even More Fabulous!!Fabulous Hair Artist To The Even More Fabulous!!”

I love the word Fabulous. But words like Fabulous, Diva, Guru, Full-Service and Unisex are so late 1900’s. And I should know: I’ve been doing social media for a long time, and hair for longer than most of you were born-combined. For this one I advise no not use exclamation points and the same word over and over, unless it “works.”  I’ll give you two examples that, I feel, would better represent this cheerful fabulous hair artist: “Fabulous Hair Artistry for the Fabulous”  Or:  “Hair Artist. Creative Color. Visionary Appearance Designs. Fabulous Clients Who Demand Excellence.

Okay Ninja-Newbies, take a stab at fluffing up your own bio profiles. You’ll get more followers and more traffic to your pages and salon websites which translate to new clients!

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