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best salon Instagram tip

This is your best Salon Instagram Tip EVER!

Watch Jon-David’s Mafia Hairdresser Facebook LIVE episode above to understand how Pinterest can actually build your Instagram account as well as build a whole new following on Pinterest – with no more effort than posting your Instagram Pics directly to Pinterest with IFTTT.

  • Your Pinterest Pins can be used over and over which make your Instagram pics usable over and over as well on Pinterest
  • Over half the women in the U.S. has a Pinterest account – don’t miss out on that demographic!Tip: make several Pinterest Boards that your future customer might like:
  • Ombre
  • Short Cuts
  • Mens Cuts
  • Fav Restaurants
  • Local Businesses around my Salon that I recommend

When you repin your Instagram pics to different boards, make sure you edit and ad link to your Instagram and invite people to your Instagram account to follow in the caption.

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