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Build your clientele: If you have a particular staff member stylist who is not growing their clientele at the same rate as the rest of your employees, here are a few tips that you can put in-place to help them grow.

1) Ask them why they aren’t able to grow their business.

They might just learn cutting or coloring techniques slower, in which case, you can offer them a few more classes than the rest of the staff. If you are a good boss-listener, you’ll be able hear what they thing is the problem. “How can I help you build your clientele?”

2) Ask their clients.

As an owner, it is invaluable to know what your clients think about you, your services and staff. Offer them a quick 5 question survey after their services on a particular month and give the customer a free sample for doing so. If a common complaint about a particular stylist is that they talk too much, that is easily solved. Conversely, if successful stylists seem to have one particular comment from clients such as, “My stylist always takes time to give me a scalp massage,” you’ll be able to share this with other staff members.

3) Make sure your stylist can learn from Senior Stylists

You should have once a month gatherings at your salon where your staff can openly exchange customer service tips and experiences, product knowledge and successful senior-stylist knowledge. An Employee Private Facebook page is great for day to day.
And, lastly, you might not have a good fit with a stylist and you might have to let them go. This is business and you want every one of the clients, your clients, who walk in the door to be happy with your business and your staff. Make sure you supply your staff member with the proper education to be the best at their craft as well as self-marketing. And give them social media support! Your clientele is their clientele and visa versa. Social Media helps solidify the relationships between clients, staff members and your business.

                                                             Don't wait till it's too late!

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