Buzz for Professional Beauty Brands

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mafia Hairdrsser creates buzz for beauty brands

Professional Beauty Brands are paying $Millions$ to PR Companies who only do traditional Marketing which neglects the latest consumer trends.

Professional Beauty Brands

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The Partners that BRANDS need to spread the good word about their products are already in-place!: salons ~ spas ~ barber shops ~ beauty schools ~ owners ~ managers ~ clients of salons/spas/barber shops ~ salon suite renters ~ stylists ~ colorists ~ manicurists ~ estheticians ~ massage therapists.

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Watch this↑Episode↑of #SalonSpaChat LIVE and hear Jon-David talk about:

  1. The State of the salon and spa industry
  2. What can salons and spas do to survive
  3. What conventions and brands need to to do engage Millennials in the industry (or die)

Mafia Hairdresser services for brands

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