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Keracolor Purify Plus

Chlorine and trace minerals are in your water when you wash your hair. This is not so great for anyone’s hair, but it’s especially crappy-bad for colored hair. “Chlorine Hair:” Bad stuff in water goes into the hair-shaft and out pops the lovely molecule grouping that your hair colorist lovingly planted.

Mafia Hairdresser Reviews: KERACOLOR Purify Plus” & “Clenditioner”

Oh yeah, Chlorine hair and trace minerals in your water zap your hair’s shine and dries out your hair. In the long run, your hair will also lose elasticity.

So what’s the solution? I want you to run, not walk to and buy a 7 oz. bottle of KERACOLOR Purify Plus, or Purify Plus Lite, if you have fine hair.  If you have well water, or you swim in chlorinated pools, this product line is a must. If you care about your hair color and you love you colorist, buy this product. sent me some small testers of Purify Plus and Purify Plus Lite but I didn’t have a way to really notice if they would work because my clients’ hair always feel great after I’ve cut or colored their hair. So, brilliantly, I went up to the 44th floor of the highrise where I live and I gave the four bottles I had to four different moms who were playing with their kids in the rooftop pool. All I asked them to do was to anonymously rate the product from 1 to 10 and to write a one or two sentence blurb about how they liked or didn’t like the product on a self-addressed postcard.

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WOW! All of the post cards rated the product a ten, and all the comments said they would buy the product because their kid’s hair, as well as their own felt immediately healthier and the shine was incredible. So :I’m now recommending this product to all of my clients in my next newsletter.

I have to admit that I did not use the KERACOLOR Clenditioner: Conditioning Cleanser until I got those postcards back from my “test subjects.” [BTW: Why didn’t they name/brand the product: “Klenditioner?”] But, I believe this would be a must have for swimmers and hard water users, as well as an easy extra step in the shower for everyone concerned with Chlorine and trace minerals and their hair. I love this product now!

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