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Create a Successful Website with these Ten Best Tips

I love working with artists, salon owners and spiritual leaders because they make the world a better place. But many of the people I work with at not what one might call, “Business Minded.” And I don’t mean this that are not running businesses or business owners. What I mean is that they sometimes place wants and feeling to social media, especially where it concerns “their” websites for themselves or the brands or businesses they run.

You have to not be so attached to your website to create a successful website.

When I work with a business-minded person with their websites, it’s pretty easy. They want a website “that works.” They understand their imagery, text and graphics and colors have to be prominent, but, other than that, the website has to make them money and do the best job at converting people who browse their website.

Recently I did a #SalonSpaChat LIVE on the 10 best tips to create a Successful Website and I would love for you to watch so you can hear me explain the ten best tips. But if you don’t have the 20-minute for me to go in-depth on my explanations, (I add a lot more value in the video!) then I will write down the 10 tips here.

Ten Best Tips to Create a Successful Website are:

  1. Know that your website is to give information to the person browsing – QUICKLY! Things like your hours, where your business is, as well as show your branding, logo, colors and tone of your business.
  2. Your website is to show people you or your brand is the best at what you do. Through your branding and videos, you can Illuminate web visitors just what you do and how you do it.
  3. A successful website has a blog that encompasses the content you can share on your social media channels and your emails. This gets people to your website to view what else you do.

4. Your website should also show that you are active on social media channels so that people who like Twitter can follow you on Twitter. And people who like Pinterest can follow you there etc.

5. Your website should build your email list! Every page should have a call to action to get email signups.

6. Your website is a tool to help you stay employed (see video) or build your business or collect emails. It can and should establish you as brand. Take out sentimentality on how your website should look. Google Analytics will show you your best blogs and pages and then copy those and re-work pages that don’t work.

7. A website, if properly key word rich and pictures labeled properly can make sure that people see what you want them to see of you online.

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  1. Guest blog and ask others to guest blog on your website. This makes your website become more visible in searches in your keywords if other websites, via links to your website, are “talking” about you.
  2. Less is more. The less amount of drop downs and pages the better! The online public needs to be wowed and get the information they want – IN SECONDS. No one clicks on pages and more pages. In fact, think of build your website like a one-page!
  3. This is like number 9: Instead of having separate pages for prices, menus, about me etc, why don’t you consider those type of things put into a PDF form. This way, the people who want that specific information can clink on a link, see the information and download it if they want. Don’t forget to brand the PDF with your business information!

So, that’s it. I think you can Create a Successful Website with these Ten Best Tips.

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Jon-David, aka Mafia Hairdresser. I’m a part time hairdresser, a salon owner and the other half of my time is devoted to helping salons and spas, owners and all beauty service providers by giving you free social media, marketing, management, and wellbeing and success tips. In this new digital age where if you are not visible online you are invisible to potential customers, I know that your business can not only survive but thrive if you keep learning.  Through SalonSpaChat shows, both live (see above video) and recorded episodes and highlights on YouTube, I can give you up-to-date tips that not only come from me and my continual research, but the top salon and spa experts and consultants from around the world. With SalonSpaChat I’ll introduce you to specialists and authorities who specialize in a diverse number of subjects from different industries as well.  Click Here to subscribe to our YouTube Playlist to stay up-to-date with marketing, social media, management and more!
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