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Michelle Williams face and body expo

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When #FaceAndBody Keynote Speaker: Andrea Metcalf told me I should contact the organizers of the Face and Body Expo Midwest to participate I was a little afraid I wouldn’t be able to get in via LATE NOTICE! But I called up Yvette and Karla and, within a few hours, they welcomed me into what I now see as a very tight-knit group of professionals! I love this expo and I will write about it more in upcoming posts.

Please click the eBook Cover above to receive your free eBook Social Media 101 from my library. I just had such a great time at the #FaceAndBody Expo and I wanted to give something back! I got to interview so many great speakers, experts and attendees. EVERYONE was brilliant! And the vendors were also tops in their fields and I got to interview many of them as well.

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