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A not so funny thing happened on the way to getting my US Trademark.

U.S. Trademark advice

It was a long road to me finally getting my US Trademark for Mafia Hairdresser. I hope my advice helps you to get your US Trademark with a lot less hassle than I went through.

My US Trademark journey began back in 2010. I wanted to Trademark Mafia Hairdresser. As my friend Brian Tomkins said on Twitter: “There can only be one.”

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I thought it would be easy. I could certainly file a Trademark myself. Anyone can do it online with the US Patent and Trademark Office online. Pay the fee and be done with it. Simple. For me: not so much.

U_S-patent-and-trademark-officeThe name of my first book is called, Mafia Hairdresser. I do business as Mafia Hairdresser. I am called Mafia Hairdresser. So I knew I had to Trademark the name. But the problem I had, from the first time I filed, was that there are so many specific choices in Trademark types. Am I Trademarking a book, a person, a business?

Trademark codes are like medical billing codes. One little code, number, letter or category off…and your insurance won’t pay for your liver transplant. And after my first filing came back to me after a series of wait, wait, almost done, “we’ve filed your claim,” and wait some more… I was thinking that I would need a new liver with as much as it drove me to drink. After waiting over a year, I had to file a “Notice of Revival.” It seem there was a “discrepancy;” a notice that I had never received from the government. Although the Trademark Office gave me a long emailed list of emailed and mailed notices they sent, of which I never saw, I had to pay more money and file more forms. After another wait I was denied my US Trademark.

If you read you just re-read the last paragraph again, that will tell you exactly what happened to me again. My total tally for filing my US Trademark myself: $1,478. And still, I had no Trademark.

Vantage Points

So then I contacted Misty Wilson from The Trademark Company via a Google Search. For less than $300, and less than a year since I paid her company, I now have a Trademark. I am Mafia Hairdresser and I can conduct business as this entity. Who knew I had to file as a celebrity, like Wolfman Jack? (If you don’t know who Wolfman Jack is, you are young so I judge you.) Misty knew exactly what codes to use to file. She researched what I did for a living and made sure the information that I gave her gelled with her assumptions.

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Over the wait-wait period, I was able to call or email Misty to ask her how my Trademark was coming along and she was kind and sweet and gave great customer service.

I recommend using an agency for attaining a Trademark. The Trademark Company is very inexpensive and filing with a good attorney can cost you up to $3,000. And if you are big company, you may have to use a US Trademark attorney because of the intricacies of your brands. But The Trademark Company has a US Trademark attorney which oversees all their trademark applications and they also provide you free renewal notices in the future of your Trademark and other services. DO follow The Trademark Company on Twitter. They are pros and they get social media! @TrademarkCo

NOTE: When you file for a Trademark or a Patent, you will begin to receive multiple solicitations that look very official from businesses that want you to pay them for “overseeing” or “insuring” or “helping” you with your Trademark application or renewal. Do not pay attention to them. Contact The Trademark Company or your trademark filing company if you are unsure of notices in the mail.

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