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Success 1, 2, 3

Great Leaders are Teachers

In my past blog I pointed out the 1, 2, 3, Formula For Success and its companion formula: The 1, 2, 3, For Learning. Once you’ve achieved your successes and you continue to learn, you will become a teacher. All great leaders are teachers.

I will point out one such leader who has recently honored me by calling me out as a leader. I assume it is because I pass on as much information about marketing and social media to the salon, spa, barber industry and to those who need it. His name is Raphael Hernandez and he’s the Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Amtrak and was the United States Marine Corps Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Hernandez is a leader and I’d like to thank him for sending me an official Lead By Example Medallion with the United State Marine Corps emblem. I’m truly honored. I will cherish it forever.



Enclosed in the envelope he sent me was learning material that Mr. Hernandez had obviously acquired in the Marine Corps: it was the Leadership Principles and Leadership Traits of the United States Marine Corps. I know these principals and traits must have been key to Raphael Hernandez’ success in the world and he has passed them on to me. Leaders pass on great insights, information and tips for life and business; the ones that have worked for themselves.

Take the Lead

You can Click here to view the 11 Leadership Principles. I ask you to Read them. Learn. Apply. And pass them on.

You can Click here to view the 13 Leadership Traits. Traits can be learned. Read them. Ask someone who represents those traits to you how they learned them then learn them yourself, apply and pass on.

My medallion, and the traits and principals from the US Marine Corps from Raphael Hernandez inspired me. I wanted to delve a little deeper into each principal and trait, firstly, for myself; so that I could absorb the wisdom Mr. Hernandez has passed on to me. Secondly, I also decided that I could apply each Marine Corps Principal and Trait to the beauty industry. We could all learn how to be better leaders. Whether you’re a hairdresser, owner or a massage therapist, I think we can all learn from the United State Marine Corps!

I have decided to write a blog each week on each United States Marine Corps Leadership Principals. I will apply them to salon owners, stylists, barber, spa owners, and all of us beauty technicians. In so doing so I will be learning each principal, over time and contemplation, which is so much better than a quick perusal. I want to change and become a better man, a better leader, a better successful business person. I hope you’ll follow me on this journey. I believe every reader will learn and grow as well as add another step to your own personal and business successes. Pass it on: Leaders are Teachers and visa versa.

Click the image below to read Blog #1 in an 11 part series.

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