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How to Create a Twitter Profile that Attracts New Customers


Most Salons, Spas and Barbers are doing Twitter Wrong!

Try these tips for one week and see how many more followers you get compared to the week before.

Whether you are posting as an individual (yourself) or for the shop or spa you’re with, Twitter can attract more business, more leads and more contacts as well as more like-minded people to connect with.

Unfortunately, most salon, spa and barber industry Twitter Profiles actually repel followers. Here’s are the four main reasons salons, spas and barbers are doing Twitter wrong:

  1. The Salon/Spa/Barber industry is signing on to Twitter without learning how to use the platform.
  2. Salon/Spa/Barber professionals are copying the way their favorite brands and celebrity stylists are doing Twitter which will not work for them.
  3. Most Salons/Spas/Barber-Shops and Service-Professionals are copying the profiles of other industry professional who are doing it wrong.
  4. A proper profile can attract potential customers and followers but a bad profile actually can inspire those same potentials to block you and you wouldn’t even know it.

expert Twitter Tips

Here at the six tips to fix and adjust your Twitter Profile to attract and get more followers, even when you’re not Tweeting!:

  1. Use a Clear Picture – Pictures of people attract better than a logo or a pic of your store. If your Twitter Picture is fuzzy or not attractive, you may get blocked because your profile may look like a bot! (Click Here to find out what a Bot is.)
  2. Keywords in your Bio – If you were the person or business trying to find an expert (such as you) on Twitter, what are the top 5 or 6 words they would use in a search? Hairdresser? Best Hairdresser? Salon? Spa? Keratin? Facials? USE THOSE KEYWORDS! Do not waste space by using symbols or words like “I am” “This is super” “Tragically Hip” Use words like Full Service Salon, Hair Colorist, Schwartzkopf Color, Master Stylist.
  3. Do not list the days you are open, your hours or your phone number in your bio! That info should on your website and is a waste of keyword space in your bio. Not one is searching on Twitter for you phone number or hours!
  4. Have a Website – put your website URL in the proper area and NOT in your profile space.  Now-a-days: YOU MUST HAVE A WEBSITE. There are no exceptions. A website is “social” (media) proof that you exist and that you are not a scammer/spammer/bot. To be professional, you must have a website and we do not recommend using your Facebook Page unless Facebook is your main social media platform. (Don’t auto-tweet your Facebook posts. That’s Twitter Rude.)
  5. Make a Header – Do not waste this free advertising real estate! Don’t leave the header space blank. You should have a header that showcases the essence of what you do and why your business is great. Header’s are great to change out when you have a special promotion.
  6. There’s no need to put your city, state, county in your bio. That information goes in its own separate section under your website URL. When someone is looking for “stylist” “Best Hairdresser” “Chicago,” your Twitter Profile will pop up for that search even though your city (Chicago) was properly placed in the location section and not in your Bio.

Last Tip: Your Twitter Profile should look similar and as professional as the type of customer you want to have come into your business. There are a lot of marketers on Twitter, but they are real people who need your services. Marketers know how to make great profiles and they have money to spend on your services. Need we say more?  (Do subscribe to our YouTube Playlists for more great tips and we recommend taking the Twitter Tutorial at to fully get the most out of Twitter.)

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