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Tell everyone you are on Twitter

How to Grow Your Business with Twitter Tip #2 Tell Everyoneshouting-300x237

Tell Everyone You are on TWITTER!

Make sure your existing clients, and everyone you know, who are on Twitter begins Following you.

  1. Email them.
  2. Call them.
  3. Facebook them.
  4. Put signage in your spas bathrooms, work stations, front desk: “Please follow us on Twitter @SalonX.” Add a discount of $5 when they do and give it to them in a DM on Twitter!
  5. Put your Twitter User name on your business cards. Stick a clear printed sticker if you have to on the back.
  6. Put your Twitter User Name in the Signature of you emails.
  7. Put your Twitter UserName in your Facebook About section.
  8. Put your Twitter User Name in all your social media profiles: Pinterest, Google+ Instagram etc.
  9. If you have a business vehicle like my friend, Mitch: Tag Your Truck!

Twitter is just like word of mouth marketing:Your clients and friends recommend you and your barber shop.

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By having existing clients and friends follow you (FOLLOW THEM BACK!) helps them recommend you. They can tweet to their friends with a mention with you in it. Your bio should show and tell what you do, why you are special, and where you work, with a link to the scheduling phone number.

Begin Following your client’s Twitter friends who live in your town. They will become your new clients one day!

How to Grow Your Business: Tell Everyone you know to Follow You!

Jon-David is the author of Twitter for Salons & Spas and the host of #SALONSPACHAT. Jon-David was the first person to hold a Twitter 101 Class for Stylists on Twitter.

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