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Facebook for Salons

Instagram and Facebook for Salons & Spas

These Social Platforms work together to build your business.

Facebook for Salons & Spas is great. Instagram for Salons and Spas is awesome. In case you live under a rock, I’ll tell you that Facebook bought Instagram and what this means to you is that these two platform work very well together to build your business. To build your business with your Facebook Page and Instagram here are my first 3 tips:

  • I suggest you use to automatically post your Instagram Pics and Videos to your Facebook Page. NOTE: IF YOU ARE POSTING MORE THAN 5 INSTAGRAMS (pics or vids), I SUGGEST YOU IGNORE THIS SUGGESTION.
  • If you have a special day per week when you post Customer Appreciation Pics, Employee of the Week, Timely Specials, Tutorials or Facebook LIVE events on Facebook, you should definitely make an Instagram Graphic that shows or Tells people that they need to log into Facebook to get that information.
  • Instagram Stories are great for salon but you need to make promotional pics for both Instagram and you Facebook Page so people will watch it and don’t miss out.
Instagram and Facebook for salons and spas

Let me tell you this about the number of targeted Followers on both Facebook and Instagram that I want to you have: The greater the number of LIKERS and Followers means that you will get more interaction, more chances to invite and entice new customers and more bookings! Shares, LIKES and comments of followers help your Facebook Page Posts and Instagrams to be seen by more of your own followers.

So make your Instagrams and Facebook Posts interesting to your Target Market. Your Target Market is anyone NOT in the Salon and Spa Industry. So don’t just post all hair makeovers. Post skin care tips, spa tips, wellbeing articles, local business spotlights and behind the scenes action. Your customer love you and if you talk about pets and restaurants during your service in your salon, it’s okay to post such topics on your Facebook Page and, to lesser extent, your Instagram Page.

To grow a targeted following on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time, you have to do a video Facebook Ad. Yup, you’ll want to invest a little bit of money. But if you spend just $50 and you get one customer that could mean $400 of service from that one customer in the coming calendar year! A great return!


Click to watch the Facebook LIVE episode of this subject.

I suggest that you make a 20 second video. It can even be a quick Facebook LIVE episode. These are great to use as Facebook Ads. You can show of a special treatment you give clients for fine hair or shiny hair. Maybe how to do a 20 second eye makeup or show the results of a peel. BIG TIP: Your video has to capture everyone’s attention in the first 3 seconds so make sure you start with a bang! Caption your video if possible is best.

Then use your Facebook Power Editor to upload your video or chose your Facebook LIVE 20 second (or more) episode to do your Facebook Ad with. Add your caption and chose “Views” as what you want your Ad to achieve. Your Facebook Ad made with the Facebook Power Editor also enables you to choose the radius of miles from your business of targeted people who will see your Ad.

There’s a strategy for using video as opposed to memes, or advertising type pics. When your video ad runs, you, as a person, will show up and people get to see you. Your targeted audience will get a free tip from you and they will make a decision to follow you and put you in their “might-have-them-do-my-hair-list” if you seem like someone they would like.

The best part of the Power Facebook Editor is that you can chose who will see your ad. And who do you want to see your ad? Anyone who likes the following Facebook Pages that have 1000 or more LIKERS:

  • Restaurants around your business.
  • Stores and Shops around your business.
  • Other Salons and Spas around your business. (Your competition.)

Set your ad to run for just one week. Check you Power Facebook Editor Analytics every day to see how many views your Ad is netting you. Also check to see your Facebook Followers growing. These are the best practices for Facebook for salons as well as Instagram for Salons.


You can practically do the same thing with Instagram. Use a 20 second or less video. But the secret is to caption! Instagramers are visual and won’t want to turn on the sound – most of the time.

If you set a monthly budget for Facebook Ads as well as Instagram Ads, you will grow your accounts and interaction. You will see a marked difference in the number new customers within weeks and you will get better and better with ads every time you place one.

I’m not going to lie, Facebook Ads (Instagram Ads) are not the most intuitive of things to do for a salon owner or a service provider. But you should know that it will take you just as long to learn how to make great ads for your business just as it has been for me. But the return is HUGE!

BTW: You must switch your Instagram to a business page to see analytics in the Facebook Business Manager tools. You heard it here first: You will have to switch to a business page sooner or later – Facebook will make it hard us if we don’t and the sooner you learn Facebook and Instagram Ads, the better. Nothing will be for free in the upcoming years.


aka: Mafia Hairdresser


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