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Instagram for Business

Instagram For Business: Use Video!

By now you should realize that your business needs to include video to attract new clients and show off your business’s personality. Youtube videos can take time and sometimes be costly.

Up to now, Vine has been the video equivalent to Instagram. It’s a mobile app where you can make 6 second videos.

But, just last week Instagram launched it’s own Insta-vids and it’s crushing poor Twitter-owned Vine.

Instagram for Business111What this means for you is that with Instagram, you can post pictures AND 6 second videos to any of your social media platforms linked with Instagram such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and even email.

If you are Stylist, Salon, Spa, Manicurist or Barber, you can make a video of your clients hair, manicures as well as include the products you used. Your spa’s personality will always show through in video!

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The videos on Instagram are only 6 seconds long and you can get very creative but you won’t need hours to perfect your 6 second movies.

Learn how to use video on Instagram here!

Video is here 2

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