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I was known as a green guy before a writer or a “twilebrity.”

Just before I self-published my first eBook novel, Mafia Hairdresser, I researched the best way to market eBooks. My investigation led me to understand that I had to acquire hundreds of Facebook friends and Twitter Followers and I had to learn all that I could about this new thing called “social media.” This was back in 2008 and I didn’t have a “brand,” other than being a hairdresser and a green awareness supporter and activist. So that’s how my brand started out, I became “Mafia Hairdresser,” the hairdresser green guy who talked about his worm composter and ran his green group at his church.

My Earth 360 ReportThrough social media, I made great connections, both locally and around the world, in sustainable industries, eco-environmental causes and mommy bloggers. But as my brand has organically morphed into social media consulting, I’ve come to the conclusion I want to get back to my green roots. I love what I do but I’ve been missing working with my Earth-steward friends.

But, how was I going to find the time to work more with my green friends or environmental groups like I used to? I’m just like everyone else, I’ve been working hard at making a living while trying to manifest my goals and dreams. At the same time, I have to deal with trying to stay abreast of who I should vote for in the next election, global warming, family issues and reading labels to avoid micro-beads in my cosmetics.

My Earth 360I’m a new-thought green guy, I believe that my internal thought: “I want to be Mafia Hairdresser, the Green Guy” will produce or manifest the right person or opportunity at the right time. This week, the right person showed up and her name is Lynn Hasslberger. Lynn is a mom, a blogger and the woman behind My Earth 360 and she works with Elephant Journal. On Facebook she announced that she was going to be a contributor (MyEARTH360 Report) on The Green Diva’s podcast which I have been listening to on the new SWELL app.

I was elated for Lynne but I am sooo enamored of The Green Divas that I instantly asked Lynne if she could get me on their show. Lynn was such a sweetie to make this connection for me and the Universe must have heard my call to pull me back into my green work because I’m scheduled to be on the show soon. Thank you, Lynn!

Because of this opportunity, my mind has been racing with information that I’ve already gathered about how hairdressers and salons and professional beauty brands can help spread the green dialogue and awareness. So, in the coming year, look for a lot more information coming from this Mafia Hairdresser and #SalonSpaChat concerning the beauty industry and its sustainable and green practices.

Can hair salons help save the environmentI leave you with a great article written by Jo Confino, chairman and editorial director of Guardian Sustainable Business. Thanks to Andrea Learned, sustainable-focused business leader and author, for bringing this article to my attention. “Can hair salons help save the environment?” Yes. Yes they can, and I’d like to keep this discussion going.


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