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United States Marines Corps Leadership Principles 1

United States Marines Corps Leadership Principles

Maintain a high level of competence in your Military Occupational Specialty. Your proficiency will earn the respect of your Marines. BE TECHNICALLY AND TACTICALLY PROFICIENT (The 1st blog in a 11 part series.)

Salon Owners & Staff Members must be Technically and Tactically Proficient. Your proficiency will earn the respect of your staff or co-workers.

We are in a word of mouth industry. One bad hair color or one bad facial can hurt your salon or spa. On the other hand, one great cut can net you a bunch of new clients for your barber shop. This Marine Corps Leadership Principle really aligns with the beauty/spa/barber industry. Be Technically and Tactically Proficient!

Leadership traits

As a manager or owner of a salon, you’ve got to be on top of your game. You’ve got to learn how to properly and fairly manage your employees, learn payroll, customer satisfaction, social media and a multitude of other owner responsibilities; all of which no-one was born with.

As a stylist, barber, makeup artist, manicurist, massage therapist, assistant or facialists, you’ve got to continue educating yourself on the latest cutting, styling, skin care etc. techniques or you’ll be last year’s news.

Together, as a unit, your place of business should be putting the highest value on being the best you can be; individually and collectively. If a business owner does not learn how to manage or market his salon or spa, he will find that his staff will eventually quit and be lured over to the competition. I hope you are the competition and you are treating your staff fairly, educating them and then properly marketing them as well as helping them market themselves. Earn the respect of your “Marines:” be technically and tactically proficient and make sure that your staff has the same mind-set by leading by example.

If you are a barber working in a shop, your skills are who you are: the better you get the better you are. Be a leader and get as much education as you can and then pass it on to your co-workers. Your technical and tactical proficiency will never go un-noticed or un-rewarded. Your excitement for learning new techniques will be infectious to your clients, co-workers and your boss.

United States Marine Corps Principals
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