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United States Marines Corps Leadership Principles Part 2

United States Marines Corps Leadership Principles


Owners and staff members have to self-evaluate individual and collective strengths and weaknesses. “An accurate and clear understanding of yourself and a comprehension of group behavior will help you determine the best way to deal with any given situation.” (The 2nd blog in a 11 part series.)

Do you know your individual weaknesses? Are you bad with numbers and terribly inaccurate with your monthly books and receipts? Are razor cuts or bobs or buzz cuts not your thing? Is Facebook and Twitter failing to bring new clients into your business? Maybe you polled your existing clients and this illuminated some bad customer service at your front desk? Well, guess what? Hopefully you cared enough about your long-term business or career to realize your strengths and weaknesses so now you can do something about them.

Leadership traits

Learning is how we earn our professional rankings. It’s what sets us apart from the competition and keeps the beauty and barber industry workers up to date, trendy and professional! Don’t think that you can ever stop learning. And don’t think that you can ever rest on your accomplishments either. You’ve got to keep asking yourself, “what can I do better?”

1) Poll your clients – Whether you’re an owner or an individual barber, you can email your clients a simple questionnaire asking them what they think of your salon, staff, services and products. Make it easy on them and keep it simple and reward them for taking your survey.

2) Evaluate – From your poll, find the one or two things that your customer’s love about your business and then promote that somehow, through a special or your monthly newsletter. And then find out the one or two things that need improvement.

3) Improve – With careful consideration, decide to fix, learn more, or improve upon what is needed to make your business better. Find what works for other successful owners or stylists and then do that, whether it would be to learn Quickbooks, how to cut bobs, or learn how to blog.

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