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Marine Corps Principles Mafia Hairdresser 3 United States Marine Corps Principals


You should know your Marines and how they react to different situations. This knowledge can save lives. Knowledge of your Marines’ personalities will enable you, as the leader, to decide how best to employ each Marine. (The 3rd blog in an 11 part series.)

KNOW YOUR STAFF AND LOOK OUT FOR THEIR WELFARE: You should know your Staff Members and how they react to different situations. This knowledge can make your business flourish. Knowledge of your Staff Members’ personalities will enable you, as the leader, to decide how best to employ each Staff Member.

I love this blog’s topic: “Look out for their Welfare.” These Marine Corps Principals are such good concrete guidance to adhere to for the salon, spa and barber industry. It really speaks to me because I think you should know your staff members but this does not mean you have to love or be loved by them.

In my 35 years as a hairdresser: I HAVE ONLY WORKED FOR OWNERS WHO TOOK THE TIME TO KNOW ME AS A PERSON. They were all great people and they genuinely loved every staff member. The problem is that all of them were not well-trained as business persons. They might have been great hairdressers and good friend to me as well as my fellow staff staff members; but the intricacies of staff management alluded them. They simply didn’t know or understand what I needed out working for them.

Whether you know it or not or whether you’re a staff member or an owner, your beauty/barber/spa business is different than it was five years ago. Ad and flyer media is a waste of money now. You have to learn social media marketing as well as teach it to your staff. The clients want their services immediately and don’t schedule ahead like they used to. Your staff members don’t understand how many dollars you spend to bring one new client into the front door. Clients buy their products online instead of from you. Where is the profit? How will you keep your staff members if there is no business to give them to service?

The answer is right there:  “KNOW YOUR ‘MARINES’ AND LOOK OUT FOR THEIR WELFARE”  Let me give you 5 ways in which to do this:

  1. You actually have to have regular salon meetings and one-on-one meetings as well as a Private Facebook Page for you and your staff members. Communication is key. Let them know what you expect and ask them what they expect of you. Be clear on what you find vague about your business in regard to your employees and let them illuminate what you could not see before.
  2. You must realize that your staff is your clients. You hired your staff and, hopefully, they represent the demographic of the clients you want to attract. Like-attracts-like. Your staff members have much insight into the minds and habits of your clients and future clients. Tap into that by caring to notice this fact.
  3. Watch your staff in the back room between clients: I bet they won’t helping the assistants fold towels but they will spend on hour on Twitter, Facebook , Youtube or Tumblr. Lightbulb!: You and your business should be active on social media as well. Your staff is. They just aren’t inviting their friends into the salon properly or sharing your posts or announcing that they have an opening.


  1. Learn to be a good strong manager of your staff members. Train them. Give them social media and marketing tools. Even if they are not busy, give them something salon-team related to do in the salon. The more you let that old “I’m not paid to stamp envelopes, I’m paid to cut hair” sink-in, the harder and harder it will be to hold onto your existing staff members. (See every Tabitha Takes Over Episode) Your staff will eventually leave you and go to a salon who takes the time to put them to work for the good of themselves and the good of the barber shop or salon.
  2. Every employee is different and every one of them is an artist and learns differently. The salon, barber, spa industry is great because you can laser focus how each one of your staff members takes in education and management instruction. You can individualize your management style so everyone can reach their own goals – as long as you make it clear what yours are as well.

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