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Marketing with Facebook is not as easy as it used to be.

A lot is being said about the new Facebook changes, from the new timeline views to the Facebook ads and boosts. But what will be the major impacts for salons, spas and barber shops that have been using marketing with Facebook? The majority of business journals and I agree, now it’s going to be harder for small businesses to compete with larger companies where it concerns marketing with Facebook. Surely you’ve noticed you are getting less “LIKES” on your salon pages and less interaction to your posts. That’s because you aren’t paying to boost your posts.


In the past, Facebook has “graciously” allowed us all to promote our salons, our barbershops and our specials for free. Now they want us to pay for all of our advertising. Sounds fair…unless you consider how every Facebook user has been curating all of the content for Facebook up to now. We Facebook users also “graciously” give up our rights to our content while allowing Facebook to use what we say and post so paying marketers can know what we like and then post on “our” timelines.

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I have never been a fan of Facebook. I’ll say this up front. I’ve always had professional websites and blogs, an email list, an Amazon profile and then came Twitter which I love. But I’ve also never used Facebook to market my hair business nor my eBooks, and I’m virtually a business-to-business consultant so marketing on Facebook has never been for me. BUT I am very personal on Facebook. Anyone can message me or tag me and I will respond ASAP, give or take a few days.

Why I'm quitting Facebook


With all said, I do think that if you own a small business, like a salon or barber shop, you will have to set aside a budget to pay for advertising on Facebook. You will not be able to compete with bigger companies who have bigger budgets, so don’t try.

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Think of Facebook as a “private group.” To the salon owners who used to post specials on Facebook and then walked away: those days are over! You are going to have to learn how to put the “social” in social media. You are going to have to actively respond and personally reach out to your Facebook Page Likers in one-on-one messages and in your posts. You will have to share what your fans say about you. And you’re going to have to tell your clients, while they are still in your business, to watch out for your new way of sharing on Facebook which should include:

  1. Pictures/Instagrams of your clients while in your business/salon/restaurant.
  2. Certain Days should have certain topics and special to look out for: Client Pics Mondays/Tuesday Spa Specials for the whole week/Employee Spotlights on Wednesdays/Free mini Spa-Treatment Thursdays/Free appetizers for Happy Hour Friday etc.
  3. Get your LIKERS used to going to your page everyday so they can get that days’ news! Email them/text message them/Tweet them to let them know what your are doing.
  4. Reward clients for sharing your posts from your Page to their timeline for a whole month.
  5. Get your employees to interact and share! This is the biggest fail with most businesses. The employees are who interacts with clients and yet they have nothing to do with the Facebook Page of a business: this is does not make sense at all.
  6. LAST TIP: Read the directions. Facebook ads, campaigns and proper posting is finite. Even the pics you post should pop in a certain way. The information is out there: READ!


I do help businesses with Facebook social media and I can make sure that they get the most out of it. But small businesses should be more personal with their Facebook Pages which is what Facebook users want. This way Facebook can remain almost free and you will keep your clients happy.

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