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Why You Need a Spa or Salon Social Media Policy

  • Gives you and staff members guidelines on what to do if a customer is upset and posting nasty things about your business. The best thing to do is make sure you contact the client and “take it offline” asap in this case – but you must have a policy to know what to do.
  • If you have a staff member who may be too politically left or right, they might offend customers who follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook. Freedom of speech is great but you had better have guidelines on what you expect your staff members NOT to do.
  • There are always misunderstandings regarding what is private in-house information; that you don’t want “repeated.” Make sure your staff knows what should stay in-house and what is okay to post online.
  • Make part of your policy about how a policy is to keep you and your staff members safe. Click Here To Read a Blog on this subject.

The best way to to insure that you will not be sued, or that you will not lose customers from what your employees post on Social Media is to have a Spa or Salon Social Media Policy.


Watch the Video above to watch Jon-David tell you a real story about a man who did not read his company’s social media policy.

10 Ways to Be PC Online

Here my ten tips to stay PC on social media as well as how you should view social media in-general? Here we go:

1) Use filters or private settings on your social media platforms if you just want to communicate with friends or family or private groups. But remember: Whatever you say online can be copied and pasted by anyone who has access to your posts.

2) Go back and delete prior posts that could possibly haunt your future.

2) Freshen up your social media profiles.  Always have professional looking social media profiles. A clear Avatar or Picture that is not too sexy or silly sets the tone for what sort of conversations you will invoke online. (Link to profile.)

3) Be transparent with what you do online. Own your words and don’t post anonymously or obscure your identity. It’s called social media. So be social and socially conscious about what you say and do and you should avoid being trolled. Block anyone who gives you trouble or who does not have a professional social media profile.

4) Be Cautious with personal information such as where you are in real time. Don’t state where you work if it is not part of your online identity.

5) Do not divulge anything that your place of business might construe as confidential, such as the private things you talk about with your customers, or what you discuss in your salon meetings.


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5 more Ways to Stay PC Online

5) Do not divulge anything that your place of business might construe as confidential, such as the private things you talk about with your customers, or what you discuss in your salon meetings.

6) Be professional at all times. Think of yourself as a brand. Post your work or what makes you great at your work if you are a brand.

7) Only post what you would say in pubic. Social media is public. A good rule of thumb is to only post what you would bring up at a cocktail party where you don’t know everyone and you have a nametag on your lapel that states where you work.

8) If you want to express your feelings on politically charged material, then get a WordPress Blog and blog. Get a following with a blog related Twitter account and do not link it to your personal public brand or persona.  Write, blog,-gain followers, incite public dialogue. Your freedom of speech will be at work and yet separate as you can be to your job.

9) Dishonorable content such as racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and physical disability slurs should never be posted.

Number 10 of my ten tips to stay PC on social media is to not think of Social Media as something to be enjoyed as a pass-time activity. If you think of social media as a tool to be used to market your products or services to the people who think of it as a free communication platform or a pass-time activity, you will act like a true business brand.


salon Social Media Policy 2

 click here to read how actress Leslie Jones was trolled. This is one reason you and your staff need a policy and why you need to stay PC!

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If you don’t know who I am, my name is Jon-David, aka Mafia Hairdresser. I’m a part time hairdresser, a salon owner and the other half of my time is devoted to helping salons and spas, owners and all beauty service providers by giving you free social media, marketing, management, and wellbeing and success tips. In this new digital age where if you are not visible online you are invisible to potential customers, I know that your business can not only survive but thrive if you keep learning.  Through SalonSpaChat shows, both live (see above video) and recorded episodes and highlights on YouTube, I can give you up-to-date tips that not only come from me and my continual research, but the top salon and spa experts and consultants from around the world. With SalonSpaChat I’ll introduce you to specialists and authorities who specialize in a diverse number of subjects from different industries as well.  Click Here to subscribe to our YouTube Playlist to stay up-to-date with marketing, social media, management and more!

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