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Social Media Help is always here for you,

especially if you or your brand helps people.

People who do hair, Reiki, massage, facials, nails: You are all artists and you help people. Spiritual Leaders & Practitioners, councilors, yoga & meditation instructors as well as Angel Oracle Card Readers: You all specialized and you help people.

Being a social media helper for over ten years has taught me that PEOPLE-WHO-HELP-PEOPLE NEED SOCIAL MEDIA HELP!

Yup. From Salon Owners to Spiritual Leaders, from Hairdressers to Yoga Instructors: you people just want to do what you want to do. You want to learn more and more about your craft and then you want to share it with paying customers. Or, you take the time to be and expert at elevating people minds which helps them to be happy, and then you just want to share that with people.

The problem is that can’t reach people unless you pay someone, like me, to do your social media for you so that you can reach your target market or audience. (Or you fail.) OR: You have to learn social media yourself, because, if you’re invisible online, you’re invisible. What you will always need is social media help.

I hope you watch the video above: that is good social media help. And you are more than welcome to sign up on our email list or like our FB Page to get free social media tips. I answer all questions on FB! But I’m going to list  a few things that you need to consider if you want to be successful in what you do.

  1. You must have a website and blog. A blog can be as simple as the one I’m writing now with an embed of relevant content. (above)
  2. Learn one social media platform in one months time. Proper profile and automate your posts or tweets using Hootsuite, Buffer or MeetEdgar.
  3. Stay off social media except to respond to anyone on your FB Page or on your other social media channels. This frees you up to actually do what you do and avoids Social Media Addiction. By the way, if you post on your FB Timeline and you scroll to see what others post, you’re probably addicted and you keep your friends addicted as well. I advise you to be the person you were BEFORE Facebook and use social media to market your profession.
  4. If you want to know what to post for Twitter, Facebook I suggest you watch minute 14-16 on Twitter for Salons Video Lesson 2: CLICK And here’s a good rule: post all of your content on Facbook. Every blog, every picture, ever video. Post them one time per day. Then, start over and re-post them but do not repost anything in the same month. On Twitter, you post 5 or more posts per day but rotating those posts allows you to re-post as much as you like.
  5. Post blogs and information from your employees, your congregation and your business friends or people or brands you want to work with. IF YOU ONLY POST things from your brand, YOU ARE SPAM and what you offer will begin to bore your audience. Besides, wouldn’t your audience or fans love you more if you posted something of theirs from their blogs or businesses? YES!
  6. Be social and keep learning. Each social media platform will continually change. By keeping up and talking to people on the platform keep you aware and top of mind = Success!
  7. Last tip: Don’t post the same things on every social media channel! That’s social media Rude! But you can invite people to follow you on different platforms or sign up for your email list if you tell them the different value they will get if they do so. Don’t forget to entice people reading your blogs to your social media channels by putting those social feeds in your website. As you can see on this page, there’s lots of social media going on!

I hope this was good social media help for you!  If you want to comment below, I will answer your questions.

Did you know that most Indie-Novelists become Social Media Experts?

Jon-David: Salon Owner, Colorist, Social Media Expert, Writer and HOST OF #SalonSpaChat. In the ever-changing world of Self-Publishing, there is now only one constant: Authors Must Be Able To Market Themselves. To market his own eBooks, Jon-David applied his promotional skills, gleaned from being a small business owner, actor and producer. A “Twilebrity” was born! Mafia Hairdresser has been educated by the top social media forerunners and digital marketing innovators in Chicago and continues to help the Salon and Spa Industry.

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