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Mission Statement

#SalonSpaChat utilizes Social Media & Livestream Platforms to teach Marketing, Management & Social Media to the Salon, Spa, Barber, Beauty Industry & EVERY INDUSTRY.

We share with you how to market your business online. We teach you how to grow your brand, generate more leads, make more money and enhance your well-being.

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Host Jon-David

aka Mafia Hairdresser

Author – Speaker – Salon Owner

Social Media Expert in Salon & Spa Industry


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Full 35 Minute Special Guest Episodes (Highlights of Episodes on YouTube.)


7 Best Photo (video too) Editing Apps for Mobile / Instagram / Social Media Posting

You can use New Facebook Feature to make professional Videos and Graphics!

2 Business Terms Every Salon and Spa Business Person should know.

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Mondays at 7pm EST with Host Mafia Hairdresser On Facebook



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A Better Branding Choice for the Salon Industry

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Click on any of our 1 to 5 minute YouTube Excerpts from our Full Episodes:

Marketing: Your Website is Your Most Important Marketing Tool / Email Marketing and CRM for Salons & Spas / Everyone Should Have a Website / SalonSpa.Chat is now a NotCom / Many Uses for a NotCom / Keep Your Dot-Com and Your NotCom / Salons Digital Make-Over with Dot-Salon Website / is now MafiaHairdresser.Salon / Protect Your Website Name with Dot-Salon NotCom / The New NotCom: Dot-Salon / Salon Owner Marketing TipsEmail Marketing for SalonsWhat Salons Don’t Know About Marketing /

Salon Coach & Tools: Are Salon Owners Afraid of Business Coaches / Jackie Bernardi Explains Training vs Coaching / Jennifer Ellis-Jackson Explains why Salons Need Coaches90% of Percent of Salons Will Fail / The State of the Beauty Industry Who is Linda Harding-Bond? / Introducing Intuit Demand Force for SalonsNon-Verbal Communication for Service ProsTriple-Check your Non-Verbal Communications /

Beginning Your Career: The Hairy Book of Innovation / Salon Spa Career Considerations Before Your BeginMany Types of Salons & Spas to Work In / Cosmetology Teachers Can Discourage Students /

Wellbeing: Stress Hurts Your Salon and Spas / Salon Owners Need to Teach Self Care in Salons & SpasKnow Your Self-Sabotage Trigger / Being Happy is the best for Self-Sabotage / Best Excerpt of Our Self-Sabotage Episode / How to Deal with Customer Complainers Spiritually / Tips for Finding Self-Love / Get What You Want with Self Love / Self-Sabotage Can Hold You Back / Spiritual Advice Tip from The Spiritual Smart Ass / Be Your True Authentic Self in Business / Dating and Pickup Lines / Who is the Spiritual Smartass / Digestive Enzymes vs Probiotics / You are What You Digest / When Should You Take a Probiotic / The 5 Belly Busters / The 3 Types of Stress That Can Hurt Your Digestion / Probiotics vs Antibiotics / Health – Is Coffee Bad? / Beware of Chemical Fumes / Are Microwave Ovens Bad for Your Health? / Antibiotics vs Digestion / Alleviate Stress with Diet / The Power of Positive Thoughts and Words / Recognize Negative Thought Patterns / More Positive Thinking Tips / Leave Your Drama at Home / Is Negative Self-Talk Easier Than Positive-Talk? / Empowerment is a Service Providers Job / Customers Pick Up on Negative Self-Talk

Tech Tips for Salons: Salon Ops for Salons and SpasTech Tips for Salons: Use Smartphone Instead of Business Cards / Tech Tips for Salons: Shortcuts to Share Information with Customers / Tech Tips for Salons: Use Dropbox to Share Pictures with Customers / Tech Tips For Salons: New YouTube Apps / Tech Tips for Salons: Mobile Payments for Salons & Spas / Tech Tips for Salons: Organize Your Contacts in Smartphone / Tech Tips for Salons: Use Keyboard Shortcuts / Blab Remedies for Blab Problems /

Retail: Carry Professional ONLY Products /Salon Customers now Buy Online RetailFacial Recognition RetailingJon-David talks to Beth Minardi 2015 / Salary Vs. Commission for Salons & Spas

Social Media Tips for Salons: Facebook Power Editor vs Boost /  Salons Must Learn Facebook Advertising / The Best Beauty Industry Marketing Tip EVER! / Twitter Advanced Search to Find Customers / The Best Snapchat Tip / Snapchat Is Fun NOT Quantity / What is Snapchat Stories? / Snapchat is Social / Is Snapchat a Love-Hate Relationship? / Learn Social Media Now, or else… / Pinterest Analytics and How Many Times to Re-Pin / You Should Be Pinning Your Own Content on Pinterest / Rich Pins on Pinterest with SEO YOAST / Re-Pins are More Important than Followers / Pinterest is now for Men Too! / Pinterest Advice for the Beauty Industry / One Pin on Pinterest Outlasts Facebook and Twitter! / Group Board on Pinterest / The Proper Twitter Profile is Important

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