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Social Media Managers

Hair Salons & Spas

Social Media Managers are people who are paid to handle all or portions of a company’s social media postings. Many of my friends are Social Media Managers. Whenever I notice that a new or existing local restaurant starts following me, I always wonder which of my friends has become the SM Manager for that eatery.

Social Media Managers, and myself, understand that Social Media is a business. And Social Media should be a part of your business plan. If you feel you cannot understand or handle your social media for your business, then let a Social Media Manager teach you how to work smarter, and let them assist you.

Here’s the problem I have with Social Media Managers who are crappy:

1.            They can take advantage of a company that has no idea what Twitter or Social Media is let alone what it can do for their business.

2.            They don’t give weekly or monthly reports showing the business how the tweets they produced directed traffic to the client’s business website.

3.            They don’t fully explain to the business that it is the business’s job to provide all the “Tone,” “Information,” “Content,” “Business Specials,” “Business Specialties,” and the “PERSONALITY OF THE BUSINESS” TO the Social Media Manager.


None of my SM Manager friends are crappy. But their biggest problem with clients deals with Content. A business must provide the Social Media Manager with all the information that the SM Manager needs to create campaigns on Twitter. This includes a constant stream of imagery, photo’s, videos, Tweets, quotes, likes & dislikes, information about clients and employees, events, desk staff news, new products and specials. DO NOT THINK THAT A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER IS GOING TO DIG UP THIS INFORMATION FROM JUST YOUR WEBSITE: This information changes and needs to be kept fresh. Please don’t make my friends keep begging your business for content every month.

Let a Social Media Manager help youA good Social Media Manager can and should interact with “your” Twitter Followers, and a good SM Manager will be professional and keep the Twitter Conversations going.

My advice to every stylist, manicurist or business owner is to take over your Twitter account for three months. Only then will you understand how much content is needed and what content works for you and your personal or particular business. You can hire a Social Media Manager to do your posting and you can email your content to them, weekly, when you understand Twitter completely.

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