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Solve your Barber Shop and Salon Owner Problems

There aren’t enough hours in the day for a barber shop or salon owner to be the best leader-manager so you’ve got to delegate and automate. When I coach clients on social media and marketing I prefer to speak directly with the staff members to help owners delegate much of the social media day-to-day tasks to them. I also teach owners how to automate their scheduling, client retention and how to properly use their website. BARBinc is one of the tools that I would recommend to do all of these tasks.

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BARBinc is a software company for the salon, barber and spa industry and they will cut down the hours an owner would have to put in to keep up with their customers and automate their work. Example: so many salons I’ve worked with have outdated websites. They’ve paid a bundle for their pretty website but, because they cannot properly maintain it themselves, it has become virtually invisible to internet searches. With an affordable BARBinc website, you’ll be able to constantly update your website so that clients looking for your services in your town will find you.

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Mobile scheduling is what your client wants; just like being able to shop for products online so they don’t have to pick up a phone or talk to someone in-person. BARBinc gives your barber shop the ability to take appointments 24 hours a day and to accept or decline appointments from the BARBinc App! This product will solve your spa and salon owner problems.

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As a social media coach for salons, spas, barbers, I am an advocate of using data to help you plan your next promotion — better than the last. I teach clients how to analyze client data and internet analytics so that you can tell if what you’re marketing is achieving your expectations. BARBinc provides an array of database for your client records as well as provide you with analytics, sales and reporting tools.

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