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10 Tips to stay PC on Social Media

as well as how you should view social media in-general.  

In last week’s hot-topic Blog, I told you how to keep your chair or your working environment a safe zone and this blog is part of that. A clear social media policy is key to keeping your business out of the newspapers and will help you continue using social media to benefit your brand instead of losing customers or employees.

Let me give you a quote from The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. This is from their Social Media Policy and Guidelines Page online.

Be respectful – Any online community is expected to reflect a diverse set of customs, values and points of view. The best way to interact with people is to respect their right to an opinion, even if you do not share it. You may challenge an idea but please do not attack the person with the idea, and do not abuse on the basis of their race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or profession. Harassment (i.e., addressing an individual to cause distress, embarrassment or other discomfort) of any kind will not be tolerated.

Guess what? Almost anyone can claim harassment and claim that you caused them distress or embarrassment and discomfort for many of the things that you may post. If your boss has this policy in place, and they had looked over your Facebook posts, could they see a pattern of say, “overly right-wing” or “left-wing?” Too Christian? Not Christian enough? Maybe you just post so many pictures with white people in them and not enough pictures with people of color?

Am I being extreme or silly here? If you think you feel some yellow or red lights going off in your head, then I think you had better rethink about what you should and should not post on social media. If your boss wants to keep an important customer happy and you have a pattern of ranting or letting off steam in any direction that may be construed as disrespectful to that particular customer, you could be terminated!

Tonight’s #SalonSpaChat LIVE is about why your Business, salon, spa or Barber Shop needs a social media policy and I’ll give you ten tips to stay PC on social media as well as how you should view social media in-general. This is going to be about a 20 Minutes episode, so I suggest you hit the Save Post Button in the upper right hand corner of your screen, the one with the drop down arrow, if you want to view it later.

Here are 10 ways to make sure you don’t get into trouble online and to stay PC on Social Media:

1) Use filters or private settings on you social media platforms if you just want to communicate with friends or family or private groups. But remember: Whatever you say online can be copied and pasted by anyone who has access to your posts.

2) Go back and delete prior posts that could possibly haunt your future.

2) Freshen up your social media profiles.  Always have professional looking social media profiles. A clear Avatar or Picture that is not too sexy or silly sets the tone for what sort of conversations you will invoke online. (Link to profile.)

3) Be transparent with what your do online. Own your words and don’t post anonymously or obscure your identity. It’s called social media. So be social and socially conscious about what you say and do and you should avoid being trolled. And block anyone who gives you trouble or who does not have a professional social media profile.

4) Be Cautious with personal information such as where you are in real time. Don’t state where you work if it is not part of your online identity.

5) Do not divulge anything that your place of business might construe as confidential, such as the private things you talk about with your customers, or what you discuss in your salon meetings.


6) Be professional at all times. Think of yourself as a brand. Post your work or what makes you great at your work if you are a brand.

7) Only post what you would say in pubic. Social media is public. A good rule of thumb is to only post what you would bring up at a cocktail party where you don’t know everyone and you have a nametag on your lapel that states where you work.

8) If you want to express your feelings on politically charged material, then get a WordPress Blog and blog. Get a following with a blog related Twitter account and do not link it to your personal public brand or persona.  Write, blog,-gain followers, incite public dialogue. Your freedom of speech will be at work and yet separate as you can be to your job.

9) Dishonorable content such as racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and physical disability slurs should never be posted.

10) And lastly, I will give your one last thought and this goes back to a story about Chuck, an actual story, that is illustrated in the #SalonSpaChat LIVE Episode above.

I think of social media and all things digital, just like I have thought about TV and online media: it doesn’t matter how much you digest, read or view: it will not actually make you smarter nor necessarily more informed. If you are an individual, you will never actually change many people’s opinions with what you post. (Unless you begin blogging and building up a following for you opinions- which we are not talking about here.)

I do think all of TV, Social Media and entertainment mediums as manipulate-able and malleable: what can pass as art, or article can actually be an untruth or propaganda and Truth is relative on these mediums. Do I say to NOT be on social media? No! I think, if you are a brand, and a business, and you are NOT present on social media, you are as good as invisible to your current and potential customers. Your brand needs social media.

You have to engage and be present on social media. But if you think that you are going to effectively change the way people think or you feel on social media, you are mistaken. Because Facebook and Search Engines constantly show people mostly what they want to see – this may only affirm that they are right and/or comfortable with what they read and see. Even if you are the one with the facts and are actually right, you will be wrong to them. You can’t win, so stop trying. If you stay straight and narrow on social media, you will be able to reach more people for what your brand needs: I will assume it’s more business and more customers.

Last Words: How to Think of Social Media and tips to Why You Need to Stay PC on Social Media

If you think, as a person or brand, that you can say or do whatever you like on social media without repercussion, you are mistaken. What you do and say and post online is mostly traceable and someone who is connected to a spam team or good at inciting trolls can come after you if you kick a hornet’s nest. The best way to not attract the attention of someone or a group who is up to the task of hurting you online for something they disagree with is to post only the same types of things you would say in public and not the privacy of your own home.

Number 10 of my ten tips to stay PC on social media is to not think of Social Media as something to be enjoyed as a pass-time activity. If you think of social media as a tool to be used to market your products or services to the people who think of it as a free communication platform or a pass-time activity, you will acting like a true business brand.

I’ll use Facebook as an example, but every social media platform is the same: It is Facebook’s job to make you stay on Facebook as long as possible so you see more sponsored and promoted ads. So Facebook is going to show you things you like. It is a business. Do not think it is not. Every social media platform is this way. When you understand social media this way, you’ll be a lot happier and secure, because you will naturally limit your time and personal interaction on it and spend more of your free time with actual people or, better yet, reading a good book by yourself.

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