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Styling Your Career

megumi bumble and bumbleI’ve been a stylist and colorist for many years and, when it comes to hair, I have always aimed to be an all around best at everything I do. I’m certainly creative, but am I business savvy too? Here’s where Bumble and Bumble Business School came in to help me answer that question.

Recently I attended Bumble and Bumble Business in New York. Styling Your Career – was a two day seminar tailored to hairstylists. This eye-opener virtually touches base in every area of a hair stylist’s business and creative career. We covered how our technical skills can be translated into businesses and customer service. This class felt like I had fully reached that magical moment when everything in my career seemed to come together. For years I’ve been using my gifts and passion, which I had learned from advanced education, and then funneled that into my clients.

Did I think always think I was business savvy? Not until now: It became so clear to me that we all have to continue to “stay appealing,” to keep earning our valuable clients’ loyalty. Continuing your education is the not so “secret formula” and this formula can easily get overlooked with a long hair career. I’ve followed this business rule: keep up to date. So, yes. I’ve been pretty business savvy!

bumble and bumble business school

Have you ever had a chaotic day, week or a whole year? Maybe it was just an unpleasant encounter that affected you or your work for long time. Maybe you’re going through a slump? I get it. It can be so easy to be affected with the things that happen and be swept along with it. But to recognize this “force” or influence on us can be profound and I was reminded of this fact by one of the Bumble and Bumble educators at the Styling Your Career class. They said that trying to achieve everything to be successful starts within you when you can recognize the things that are stopping you.  Amazing things happen when when you notice and then choose to be an all around best.

I’m not every going to say that my excellence came easy. It took effort. But I do remember that I had to step around a few life-obstacles to get where I am. After this class, I’d be happy if I took yet another small step in changing and learning. I think I did. I am.

To stay inspired I remind myself of this quote “It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master”

I cannot recommend Bumble and Bumble classes enough. They have been a big part of my career and my business is thriving. If you are interested register with Bumble & Bumble and sign up for their business class STYLING YOUR CAREER.

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Megumi Nakama

is a Senior stylist at

Joseph Michael’s Salon & Spa in Chicago

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cosmetology school is just the beginning

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