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3 reasons you should start a blog

The Top 3 Reasons Why Every Beauty Expert Should Start a Blog.

Instagram 2If you are a stylist, barber, manicurist, colorist, makeup artist, massage therapist or facialists, you should have your own blog.

If you are salon or spa or barbershop owner, your website should have its own blog.

For those of you who don’t know what a blog is: I’ll tell you that it is simply that a 700 (or less) word article. This article could be written by you, or a business associate or employee, or even by a guest expert. The subject should always be one that establishes you as a beauty expert; and one that your customers might like to know more about.

1)      Start a Blog: To give information and help.

  • If you are a massage therapist your subjects could be: Relaxation, Meditation, Stress.
  • If you are a barber your subjects could be: Fantastic Fades, Shaving Tips, Clippers vs. Scissors.

You as a beauty expert already know what to write. Go to work for one week and make notes about the top 12 things that you talked about with your clients. Write down those subjects that you are always advising them on, whether it’s about a product you’ve been inspired about, or fine hair, or a skin treatment you believe in, or about the best massage you’ve had lately; or even a new restaurant you’ve been to! These are subject you don’t even have to research. Your opinions about them already make you an expert. And you could probably write those 12 blogs in one day.

2)      Start a Blog: To establish yourself as an expert.

  • When you write a blog about any subject, you are writing it as you, and it is your opinion.
  • Your opinion matters because you voice it everyday to your existing clients and they usually follow your advice, whether it’s on how they will style their hair at home or which skin care product they will take home from the spa.
  • A blog is just a written synopsis on what you think and why it’s important–to you.
  • A blog is an irrefutable statement from you that you know about your subject.

Be a blogger to show prospective clients that you know what you are talking about and that they should be using your services.

3)      Start  a Blog: To attract attention to your business.  In other words: To Promote your Business.

  • Don’t wait for a local magazine to write about your salon or barber shop: Who is better to write about your services than yourself?
  • When you write a blog, be consistent: 1 blog per week or 1 blog every other week, or even 1 per month.
  • Use your blog to attract new clients and post the blog on your Facebook Page, Your Website, Your Blog Site. And re-post regularly on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Start a Blog then Use Twitter to make sure your Blog is read by prospective new clients.

Once your blog is up are running, you will want your clients and potential clients to read your blog. Twitter is the best way to reach prospective new clients who may not have heard about your salon, or your special talents as a stylist or massage therapist.

Twitter Users in your town are looking for that special expert to color their hair or do their manicures.

Your blog should be in constantly in rotation with your daily tweets so that anyone looking for your talent will find that blog that has the information they are looking for–establishes you as a professional.

You will attract new clients with your blogs via Twitter.

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