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Top 8 Reasons Top Salons and Stylists Fail at Twitter

Twitter is for Salons and Spas2

imagesCA9C0ZP01) Failure to Read the Directions. So many salons, stylists, manicurists, spas and barbers want new clients and just jump into Social Media without learning how to properly attract new clients or use the platforms. (Read the eBook at the end of this blog!)

2) Poor Twitter Bios. Salons and Stylist begin their tweeting with inferior Bios that scream: “I’m just starting and I don’t know what I’m doing!” Your prospective clients are using Twitter. They are professionals in many industries. They have professional Twitter bios and they expect you to have a respectable bio as well. In our profession: you attract who is like you. Be a professional Tweeter.

3) No Goals. Ask yourself: “What do I want to get out of being a Twitter user?” More new clients? To catch up with what’s going on in the world? Just dabble? Without clear goals, you will get exactly what you wish for: ambiguity.

imagesCA4B587G4) Private Twitter Profile. This I will never understand! I get a stylist who follows me and they have set their account set to private and their Bio says: “Follow me on Facebook.” Why? Why would I (or anyone else) follow someone who obviously only wants to advertise at me on Facebook and not have a Twitter dialogue?

5) They Don’t Understand Twitter. There are many of us Twitter users who are successful. We get new clients every day. Anyone can be successful and get new clients but you have to understand what Twitter is. It’s a party! Mingle-Mingle-Mingle!

6) No Strategy. When a newbie signs up with Twitter (without reading the directions) they always start following celebs and famous bands and people they love. Why not start following people in your city who might become your clients with a few tweets?

7) Failure to Respond. Twitter is an ongoing conversation. Several times I have “mentioned” new stylists, salons or spas in my tweets and there has been no response from them. In Twitterspeak, that’s as rude as snubbing. Tweet back to Twitter Users who are tweeting about you! A thank you goes a long way and you never know who is going to recommend you just because you established a Twitter relationship.

v0jZq4aaVtFhtV2koljnqM-YvZY8ZfKG9h1Ns5dWnNU8) Not Using Hashtags. Hashtagging is now even being used by Facebook! Why aren’t more tops salons using hashtags on Twitter? By hashtagging with the #city your salon is in, Twitter users can find you with specific other hashtags you use for #services, #products, #specials, #deals.


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About the author: Mafia Hairdresser has worked in the salon and spa industry for over 30 years. He is the host of the weekly online Twitter-Chat: #SalonSpaChat. His novels and non-fiction books are well respected and he continues to help top salons and spas reach their full potential. Read his book: Twitter for Salons and Spas: 10 Minutes a Day Wins New Clients and Customer Satisfaction.

“I purchased this book and found that not only do his theories and practices relate to salons and spas, but it is practical for any industry.”

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