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Twitter For Salons

Let’s talk about Twitter Salons & Spas and why it’s so important to for our industry to use it, be social on it, as well as how to become a Twitter Expert.

If you’re a salon, spa owner or an employee, a renter or salon suite renter, you have to know that if you’re not visible online, you are invisible. Today’s customer and potential customer shops for their service providers via online searches and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest. So, location, location, location is still important, but a great Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest account, if done right, will account for a lot more new customers than just because people drive by your salon every day.

Most salon, spa and beauty industry professional really fall short of fail at Twitter. This statement also goes for the salon & spa brands, product companies, product distributors and beauty show promoters. These types of companies are where you have traditionally got your information from but their job is to teach you skin and hair stuff; the stuff you like to learn. And since most of you are not on Twitter or using it correctly, those companies that I mentioned are not focusing their attention on interacting with you on Twitter – Instead, they are tweeting with your customers and potential customers. I’ll let you think about that for a second.

Watch the Facebook LIVE Episode: Twitter For Salons & Spas:

Watch this Facebook LIVE Episode:

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Posted by Mafia Hairdresser on Monday, October 17, 2016

YES!: I said your customers and potential customers are using Twitter and that isn’t reason enough for becoming a Twitter expert, I don’t know what else I can say, except:

  • Twitter can help you build your Instagram Following, Pinterest Following and YouTube Subscriptions. And, if you watched last week’s Facebook LIVE episode you learned how to build your Facebook Following with Twitter.
  • Twitter is a platform where you can tweet, over and over, your blogs, your picture galleries, landing pages, product pages and about pages to your website which will get you some good hits to your website which increase your search visibility on search engines.
  • You can actually use the search in Twitter to find people looking for or talking about their hair or spa services, follow them, build a relationship with them and invite them to your place of business.
  • Once you automate your monthly tweets, which can take a few hours one-time only, you can easily make Twitter a ten minutes a day social media platform that will build your clientele.

To become a Twitter Expert, all you have to do is watch the 4 part Twitter Tutorial at MafiaHairdresser.Salon. It’s free and if you want to download the companion eBook from Amazon that is recommended but not required.

Let me highlight what it takes to become a Twitter Expert:

  • You’ve got to give yourself about three months to begin to expect a big return on Twitter. You see, Twitter is just like a big Party and you’ll be walking into it like the new guy. It takes a few months until people start paying attention to you.
  • To get people to start paying attention to you, you’ve got to have a great profile, have 5 automated tweets a day and daily retweet a few tweets by people you want to build relationships with (potential customers).
  • Do make a list or two of who you think might be potential customers. Call your list something like, “Great Tweeps.” Make a stream of your Great Tweeps list with Hootsuite, the smartphone app, and then retweet from that list daily.
  • Another Great Tip is to learn to spot and block fake or spam Twitter accounts that follow you.

Automate your Tweets and build your content. I love using these 4 third part apps to help me automate my Tweets:

  • Hootsuite – I use this platform to Daily Re-Tweet a few tweets from people on my Twitter Lists. It allows me to view my List Stream and retweet from those people on my list I want to interact with.
  • Buffer – I set my Google Alerts to email me links that have anything to do with salons and social media updates. With a Buffer Account and the Buffer Google Chrome extension, with one click, I can add those link web pages as content to, not only Twitter but to LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook. (I use Buffer to post only 1-time Tweets/posts.)
  • TweetJukebox – Whenever I have a new eBook, or want to do a timely campaign or promotion, I will use this third party app. I just upload my promotional tweets, add Twitter-sized corresponding graphics via and let those tweets automatically repeat once they run out up to a certain date.
  • MeetEdgar – This is my go-to for uploading Tweets and Posts to multiple social media platforms, including Twitter. Like, Hootsuite, Buffer and TweetJukebox, I can chose what times the Tweets can be tweeted. But only TweetJukebox and MeetEdgar will automatically re-use/start over when your tweets run out which saves you the time of refilling your monthly tweets.
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