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Which is better?

Twitter and Facebook don’t work together…or do they? Maybe you know or don’t know, Twitter made me who I am today. Am I partial to Twitter? NO! In fact, I’ve consulted with so many businesses where I steered them away from using Twitter as a main social media platform; instructing them to use social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn.

I’ve taught numerous businesses to use Facebook but I never had time to develop my own Facebook Business pages, until recently. But I went from about 300 to 3000+ on the Mafia Hairdresser Page in a matter of months. That’s a 1000 % growth! And, I will show you how to do that in this blog and upcoming Facebook LIVE EpisodesSo:Twitter Vs. Facebook? I say they can work together.

BTW: This is Jon-David, aka Mafia Hairdresser writing this blog for you and you can watch the Facebook LIVE Episode below if you  prefer. Make sure you LIKE the @JDMafiaHairdresser Page to keep up with my weekly Facebook LIVE episodes.

Twitter and Facebook can work together BUT DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Do not auto-post from Twitter to Facebook.
  2. Do not auto-post anything from Facebook to Twitter.
  3. Do not post the same type of captions and same sized pictures to both Twitter and Facebook, even if it is the same content. (What people will click on Facebook is different than what people will click on via Twitter and visa-versa.)

If you are going to use the same content on Facebook and Twitter, I suggest you change the caption and use the correct sized pictures. Use 940 x 788 for Facebook and 1024 x 512 for Twitter. is a great tool to use to produce, optimize and re-size any picture for all social media platforms.


Note: The awesome feature about using TweetJukebox and meet Edgar to post your automated tweets is, that once all your tweets run out, those third party apps will repeat them again!

TIP: On Twitter, I suggest that you auto-post 5 tweets a day or more, retweet about three posts by your favorite Tweeters of prospective customers or tweets from those accounts that you want to pay attention or notice you. Of course, you can tweet to any leads that your auto-posted tweets garnered you and you can thank as many re-tweeters of your tweets as possible.

That was a little bit of a twitter lesson, it’s the minimum you would do with a proper Twitter account with a great Twitter Profile. I have a full free Twitter Tutorial available for you at so please watch that 4 part series when you want to make Twitter a big part of your social media outreach to prospective new customers. Click Here for Free Tutorial on Twitter.

TIP: On Facebook: I suggest that you post at least once a day something that your audience wants to see as well as add posts that help or inform your audience, such as hair or makeup how-to videos by you or your staff. To automate your Facebook Page, I suggest you upload each post separately for the month coming for each day. This frees you up to respond, thank and interact as well as do some great Facebook LIVE events such as yoga lessons, product knowledge classes or behind the scenes shows showing you doing wedding hair.

BIG TIP: You can set up your Instagram account to auto-post your Instagrams to Facebook and Twitter via a third party app called

If this than that

I love If This Than That, IFTTT, because then I don’t have to ever use the post to Facebook or Twitter Buttons on Instagram. In fact, don’t use those buttons if you’re using IFTTT because then you’ll be posting twice!

NOTE: Do not ever use the Post to Twitter Button on Instagram because your picture does not show up on Twitter, just a cut off Instagram caption and the URL to Instagram which makes Twitter Pros angry. Always use IFTTT if you want your Instagrams to show up on Twitter.

TIP: You can use IFTTT to auto-post from Facebook to Twitter but, as I stated, I do not recommend this. Never auto-post your tweets to Facebook!

Now that you know the basics of how to keep Facebook and Twitter separate yet compatable, it’s time to tell you how these two platforms can work together to build each other up via their two separate audiences. When you face the fact that people who like to use Twitter may not like to use Facebook, you can still find those Twitter Users who would LIKE your Facebook Page just because you can offer them something you cannot or will not on Twitter.

Facebook for salons

If you’ll notice the LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK Twitter-sized Picture above, you’ll notice that I list the WHYS you might want to LIKE my Facebook Page. I offer Facebook LIVE tutorials and give content or events that I do not make available on Twitter. I’m offering a value beyond my Twitter account. This Twitter caption for this picture might be: “LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK to keep the discussion going!

The Twitter sized picture and caption is an invitation that offers added value to my Twitter Followers and, of course, I add the Facebook URL to my Facebook Page so anyone who sees this Tweet has a one-click to LIKLE my Facebook Page. You can build your Facebook Page with a Tweet like this that is in an auto-tweeted third party app in rotation.

BTW: as of now, we use my Facebook Page for the #SalonSpa.Chat Facebook Page. (I can’t keep up two pages!)

Twitter for salons

TIP: Notice how on every Twitter or Facebook-sized Picture that I include a business logo and the Facebook or Twitter name? This is because you have to know that these pictures will show up online (in addition to Facebook and Twitter) via Google or another search engine. This insures that your invitation to LIKE and follow you on Facebook and Twitter goes much farther than those two platforms.

To properly build your Facebook Page with Twitter:

  1. Keep the content you post off of Twitter.
  2. Invite Twitter Followers to LIKE your Facebook Page and give them incentives, such as specials, timely offers and content that you do not post on Twitter.
  3. Use proper sized graphics/Pics that illustrate why someone on Twitter should LIKE your Facebook Page.
  4. Include your Facebook page URL after a short caption/invite.

TIP: Include two hashtags per every tweet for maximum interaction.

Bonus TIP: On Twitter, Pictures and graphics no longer count against your 140 or less characters recommended but your caption + your FB-Page URL should not take up more than 110 characters. (If you’re using any of the above 3rd party apps mentioned above, they will automatically shorten the FB-Page URL for you.) The reason you want to stay below 110 characters is that you want that tweet with the graphic to be able to be re-tweeted without modification and, hopefully, a retweet with a comment or an emoji!

To properly grow your Twitter Following with Facebook:

  1. Once, every two weeks, post a picture invite and caption on Facebook to Follow your brand on Twitter.
  2. Inform your Facebook Followers why they should follow you on Twitter and why your Tweets are valuable and different from what you post on Facebook.
  3. Do not forget to include your Twitter URL in your caption.
Facebook for salons

Bonus TIP: Instagram is a great place to post invites to Follow you Twitter AND to LIKE your Facebook Page! [Proper Instagram sized pics are 1080 x 1080.]

To wrap up – I hope you can see that even though Twitter and Facebook don’t work really share or work together. But I love Twitter for Salons & Spas and I love Facebook for Salons & Spas. Both of these salon favorite social media platforms can help you to build separate audiences and both audiences should be consistently invited to LIKE or Follow you on the other social media platform!


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