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Twitter Group DM’s What are they and why would you want to use them?

Twitter Group DM (Direct Message) is like a small Private/Secret Facebook Page. You can have up to twenty people on a Twitter Group DM and you’ll be able to privately share your information, links and videos. This is a great tool to give daily inspiration to your group, disseminate information, share success stories, and pass on product tips and more!

Genius Shared Group 1

I belong to a Twitter Group DM group called #GeniusShared. It’s only days old and I LOVE IT because I love the people I’m privately communicating with. #GeniusShared is a group of us entrepreneurs, business people and active social media folk who attended a workshop/s headed by my famous friend, @LizStrauss.  (See my : under “Social Media Services”) Now one of our members, @JaneBoyd, a conversation media mastermind, has taken the reigns and corralled 20 of us into a Twitter Group DM. In only two days I’ve been inspired and motivated to update my Twitter  for Salons & Spas ebook. (This blog is going in it!) I’m sure the #GeniusShared Twitter Group DM will continue to keep me knowledgeable about Social Media updates, such at Twitter Group DM’s, as well as keep me in-touch with some very great people.

Genius Shared screen shot 2

Group DM’s can recap morning meetings or take the place of some meetings altogether! Salons: You can even start a small niche Twitter Group DM for your co-workers who do Brazilian Blowouts services or for staff members who have kids and share parenting information.

One feature of Twitter Group DM’s is that you can start your group and they don’t even all have to follow each other to see the Twitter Group’s DM tweet feed.

How do you start a Twitter Group DM? Just go to your Messages center on Twitter, tap “New Message” and then you’ll be able to add up to 20 people on that group message. You’ll always go back to your message center to check on updates for that Twitter Group DM.


BEWARE: Do not bother adding celebrities or Twitter personalities who do not want to be part of your Twitter DM Group! You might get blocked by some very angry people. Always ask someone in a one-on-one DM if they want to be a part of your group and give them a good reason why they would want to, even if it’s just to get them to be your “special guest.”

  Twitter Pic new DM

NOTE: #GENIUSSHARED also has a group we use on at  This is a great online private meeting tool which can better accommodate larger groups. “With, you own your online community. You have complete control over your community members and all of the content that is posted. Give your group a home base that they can love and that you can manage on your terms. You set your own rules and retain complete ownership of all content and member information.” I have recommend for companies who have project groups or for Not-For-Profits to disseminate information to members, volunteers, donors. I add this because I will also be updating Twitter for Not-For-Profits and you might want to know this as well.

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