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imagesCA9C0ZP0Why do I need Twitter?

You don’t need twitter. There are 150,000 new Twitter users signing up every day. And there are over 500,000,000 registered Twitter users already. The Twitter party is already going strong. But who are you and what do you want people to know about you? There is always someone at the party interested in getting to know you.

If you are manicurist by day, a mom by night and science-fiction fan, then you are just as unique as everyone else in the world. You have a lot to offer and your insights and opinions matter. Now, let’s say that you have only been working at a particular salon for about 6 months. Like many new salon employees, when you’re new it takes a while to build up a following of loyal clients who will keep you busy for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You might be doing a lot of sitting around in the salon’s employee room looking through Facebook, and occasionally clicking on a friend’s humorous YouTube share of a kid on a rollercoaster: “Janice, I’m falling!” You’ve seen it, right?  Hilarious!

So, why do I need Twitter?

Since you are a mom, you’ve got at least one other mouth to feed. Not being booked up can be very taxing on a weekly budget. And, I don’t know about you, when I’m not busy I end up spending money because I have the time to do so. Even if the salon where you work gives you the new walk-ins, and your fellow employees of hair stylists and spa techs send you new clients, sometimes that’s not enough. How would you help yourself to gain a more rapid rate of business growth?

Why do I need TwitterYou could attend weekly Chamber of Commerce Breakfasts in your town and pass out your cards to those whom you meet. And you can leave your business card for every waitress who serves you at a restaurant when you eat out. Maybe you should post regular updates that you have appointments available on your Facebook? All of these suggestions are terrific and put you in front of people where you can tell them who you are and what you do; as well as invite them to come into your salon to get a manicure.

Why do I need Twitter?

But what about that Twitter party going on around you? There are thousands of potential new clients who live in your town and they are in attendance. And, at this party, there were also other manicurists, like yourself, who were still building as well. Of course there would be other manicurists who have already built a following. I’m sure they could offer you a few tips on how to get more clients. There are other moms at this party too. And Sci-Fi fans! Can you picture yourself walking around the party and mingling with the people you have common interests with?

Push the fact that I’m speaking of a metaphor out of your mind. What happens when you meet people face-to-face who have common interests? You talk about puppies, or about being a mom, or how much you love Star Trek. You also end up talking about the fact that you are a manicurist and that you are building a clientle: That comes up naturally too.

This is why you need Twitter.

Twitter can be your party. It can be the party where you can easily connect with other individuals who have your interests. They will help you once you get to know them. Momdom, Sci-Fi and being a manicurist are terrific ice-breakers. And, just like at any party, you can tell if anyone is interested in finding a new manicurist. And then you can invite them to your salon to give them one. Even if you never get a single client directly from Twitter (and you will!) people click on your tweets that have links back to you salon’s website: YOU INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOU WEBSITE!

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